Primary care for a healthier ‘now’ and ‘later’

July 07, 2021

Dr. Nicholas Harper, primary care provider

A primary care provider is your go-to doctor for general health problems. But it’s also the person who can help you maintain your health, manage chronic illnesses, and feel your best. 

“A primary care provider should be well versed in lots of different areas,” says Dr. Nicholas Harper, who serves primary care patients in Floyds Knobs and Jeffersonville, Indiana. “It should be someone who is close to where you live, someone you feel comfortable with in sharing intimate details of your own health or mental state, and who is understanding of your issues and willing to do what’s necessary to help you address them.”

It’s an obvious choice to call the doctor when you feel ill. But Dr. Harper also stresses the importance of seeing a primary care provider in order to maintain your health and prevent problems down the road.

“As people get older, there are lots of preventative things that primary care addresses,” he says. “For example, colon, breast, and prostate cancer are among the most common cancers, and we have methods of screening for these so that we can catch things early and save people’s lives.”

Dr. Harper says smoking-related issues and diabetes are some of the most common health problems he sees in the Kentuckiana area. He’s helped several patients stop smoking and others bring their blood sugars down to a healthy level.

“I see so many people with diabetes, and they just think it’s all about sugar,” he says. “They don’t understand some of the basic mechanisms of ‘Why did I get diabetes?’ I try to inform them and empower them to have a better understanding of what happened to cause this and what we can do to try to fix it. That’s important to me, that you walk out of here understanding everything we talked about really well, or I didn’t do my job well enough.”

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